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Pfizer Genotropin GoQuick Pen

3 Jul

Yesterday was an amazing day because my new Pfizer brand Genotropin (Human Growth Hormone) arrived in the mail! It came in a long rectangular box, with brail on it! How cool?!!? When I opened my GoQuick Pen I found instructions, but of course they weren’t in English. Since the wonderful world of the internet and google make finding ANYTHING possible, I found the instructions for the Pen in English! I also found a handy-dandy video on the Pfizer website as well. Before I could use my GoQuick Pen, I had to get an Rx for the needles. My doctor was able to write me a prescription for 100 needle tops for this device. They came in a box of 100, and they were pink! (How cute?!?). Today I followed the instructions online, step by step, and was able to screw the needle into the top of the pen, twist and mix the HGH, and also turn the dial to determine my dosage. Once everything was in place I had to choose my injection site. Thigh, butt, or stomach! I used my stomach of course, because I have done HGH injections before and they do not hurt as much in the stomach area. Once I was ready to go, I used an alcohol swab to clean the injection set. Next I placed the GoQuick Pen needle into my stomach, I pressed down on the top of the Pen releasing the Genotropin. You must count five seconds before pulling the needle out. The dosage left the window space, and the fluid went inside of me. I did not feel anything right away. In fact, I did not feel a burst of energy like a usually do from these kind of injections. Instead, several hours later, I feel more energetic, and my joints feel great. I usually always have pain in my left foot, toes, and my left knee, but after this first injection of this kind of formula, I feel great! I will document how this HGH cycle plays out. I am starting at .6 as my dosage for the next few weeks. I will continue this dosage for about a month or so. If my pain increases I may need to up my dosage! Cheers to a product that is EASY to use, set-up, and administer. Thank goodness pharmaceutical companies are making products like this, that make it easier and easier to give yourself medication! I love you Pfizer!